How Vitamin A Cured my Anxiety

According to estimates, anxiety will be a problem for more than 40 million people in the U.S. However, only 4 million of these people will receive treatment whereas only 400,000 will actually get the right therapy. When it comes to the treatment options for anxiety, it is good to know Elisa Black’s story, i.e. her alternative method treatment for anxiety.

The Story of Elisa Black

According to her claims, anxiety ruined her relationship and at one point, she was completely on her own. Her anxiety also triggered post-natal depression after she gave birth to her son. During her teen years, she suffered from a phobia of vomiting, i.e. she avoided eating around others due to a fear of throwing up in front of them. Her anxiety was also accompanied by panic attacks and when she was 25, she went to live with her parents and did not leave her room for around 3 months because she was convinced that she would die if she left.

For a period of almost a decade, she was trying out all kinds of treatment options, from conventional medication and exposure therapy to hypnosis, yoga, and naturopathy, but nothing led to a positive change in her life.

How Elisa Treated Her Anxiety

After a long period of searching for a viable treatment, she found something that helped her, i.e. vitamin A.  She also did a genetic test which showed that one of her genes was genetically mutated and decreased the processing of vitamins B in her body. This disorder can lead to numerous health problems, from mood disorders and miscarriages to stroke and diabetes.

The Power of Vitamin A

The remedy which helped her is easily affordable and has no negative side effects and it is known as folinic acid. This treatment is also advantageous for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, migraine, as well as autism and ADHD. Soon after she began her treatment with folinic acid, Elisa’s anxiety significantly reduced. She now lives medication-free.