Dandelion Treats Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver & Kidney Diseases. Learn how to Prepare It

For a long period of time, dandelion has been used on a large scale due to its powerful healing properties for a variety of health problems. It has the power to cleanse the liver, encourage the production of bile, balance the cholesterol levels, alleviate allergies, and help pregnant women and women who are in menopause to cope easier with the symptoms.

When to Pick It Up?

The best period is in the beginning of spring, somewhere around April; make sure you harvest it from areas that are not polluted. Remember that the stem is pivotal because of its power to treat diabetes, cleanse the blood, better the metabolism, and resolve stomach problems. Moreover, its leaves are abundant in vitamins and make a great addition to salads and numerous other meals if you need or want to lose weight or nourish the body in the right way. The flowers make a great ingredient for preparing natural syrup which is advantageous for the blood, digestion, and relieves coughing as well.

How to Make Dandelion Syrup

You will need:

400 yellow dandelion flowers

4 lemons, sliced

4 oranges, sliced

3 liters of water

Preparation: Put the ingredients in the water and leave them to soak for 24 hours. Afterwards, mix in 2 cups of sugar and cook the content until it thickens and then turn off the stove and pour the content into sterilized jars.

Use: Consume a tsp to treat colds, coughing, and bronchitis.

How to Make Dandelion Tea


½ tsp of dried and minced dandelion leaves

A cup of water

A tsp of honey (optional)

Preparation: Boil the water and then add the leaves and cover the content for 5 minutes. Then, strain it into a cup. Sweeten it up with a honey for a sweeter taste. Enjoy!