Columnar Fruit Trees: Create Your own City Orchard with these Dwarf Fruit Trees

Surely, having fruit orchards at your own garden is definitely a blessing, especially if we take into consideration how little organic food is grown nowadays. Known as Minarettes and Pillarettes, these are fruit trees which grow in clusters and their trunk is similar to a spire. Their sophisticated look is ideal for urban areas; you can put them in front of your garden or decorate your porch. How cool, right?

Growing Your Own Dwarf Fruit Trees

The Minarettes are very easy to grow because they tolerate most climate conditions. However, it is not recommendable to grow them if you live in an extremely cold or hot place. This tree requires proper watering and sufficient sunlight. Make sure you do not overwater the soil or leave it too dry. Make sure you add a quality fertilizer from time to time. Place the containers 3 feet apart from each other and cut off the damaged and weak branches during the growing season to strengthen the tree.

The Thompson-Morgan Fruit Collection

Cherry Sylvia

It has amazing pink blooms and it makes the perfect addition to every garden.

Plum Black Amber

It has beautiful and aromatic purple plums.

Pear Doyenne du Comice

This is ideal tree for tasty and flavorful pears.

Apple Gala

These red, tasty, and sweet apples are also great for making apple juice.

Starkbros Columnar Apple Trees

They grow crispy apples and can be placed in a pot on the porch and also make a great decoration. You can also plant it in your garden. The pinkish and whitish blooms in spring look amazing and this will become your favorite tree, without doubt! Expect big and aromatic apples on a yearly basis. You can also add them to a variety of jams and sauces.