CBD-Infused Cannabis Milk Soothes Anxiety and Is Hitting Stores soon

This new beverage is believed to become a much bigger hit than smoothies and green juices and it is made with cannabis! Even though in the U.S. THC, the component in cannabis which causes the feeling of “high” is illegal, this is not the case with CBD, another marijuana component with potent medicinal abilities. It has no psychoactive properties and it has the power to lower anxiety, better the sleep, alleviate physical ache, regulate the hormones, and enhance the immune response.

The Hemp Drink Relax brought by Rawligion

This is a product created by Michael Isted, a psychotherapist and development consultant for Rawligion, and the aim of the beverage is to induce calmness and to supply you with important nutrients. The drink contains 100 percent organic hemp milk made with CBD, hemp seeds, cashews, dates, vanilla, water, and coconut oil. Cannabis seeds are abundant in nutrients like calcium.

Where to Find It?

Soon, the drink will be available throughout stores in London. We cannot wait to try it out! What about you?